Who, me?

Some stuff about me, should you be unfortunate enough to find this page hidden away in the bloggosphere.


I’m a forty something teacher of ICT, at a school in South Warwickshire. I’m married to the wonderful Helen, a freelance Graphic Designer, who tolerates my obsession with anything on two wheels. We live out in the sticks in a good old middle England country cottage.

Career things

I’ve been teaching ICT for about 7 years now after being sucked into the digital world through my previous employment at computer games company in Southam, called Codemasters Software. Famous for making Micro Machines and Colin McRae Rally to name but a few (coincidentally neither of which I worked on!), I worked there in a range of guises from 2D graphics, 3D modelling and animation, video concept and production, to website design and management. Working here I had many great experiences and developed plenty of digital media skills. Before Codemasters and SCi (Southampton based games company) I was a freelance illustrator in London for a number of years, creating Licensed Character merchandise designs, for Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Marvel Comics to name but a few. This should have been the start of a long and enjoyable working career, but unfortunately I got too carried away with the London life and the “Work Hard, Party Hard” …became… “Work Less, Party More” approach. Still…no regrets, live and learn.


I’ve been riding motorbikes for 15 years now, had a few CBR600’s prior to owning a beloved CBR900RRW Fireblade which I owned for over 5 years. Alas what with world recession et all, the mighty Blade was sold on to a very happy punter for peanuts. 😦

Now I’ve gone to the mud-side, and live for enduro racing, green laning and racing with friends on MTB’s.


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