Honda CBR900RRW Fireblade

Honda CBR900 RRW Fireblade (1998)

My Blade after a 2 month restoration be sold.

My Blade after a 2 month restoration be sold.

My Dedicated website to the Fireblade is here…

I’ve owned this bike for over seven years now and been through everything with it, crashes, thrashes, bumps and scrapes. But now with money being what it is, and the fact it’s been sat in pieces in my garage now for over 7 months…it’s time for it to go. I’m spending more time on my off road bike now anyhow.

The strange thing is, I’m cleaning and renovating it to a better condition than it has ever been during my ownership!

Fireblade rebuild

The day was spent in my pursuit to finish the rebuild of the Fireblade. Tasks done…

  • Filled the cooling system…coolant dripped out of drain bolt…bugger…empty cooling system by removing drain plug into container, right shoe, trouser leg and garage floor, mopped up coolant, added sealant, refilled coolant.
  • New rear tyre fitted
  • Front fairing bracket & clocks attached…fairing bracket removed to untangle wiring loom catching in the forks.
  • Wiring loom tidied up, cables rerouted correctly, bracket reattached and all blasted with ‘back to black’ for that new look! 😉
  • Airbox and battery replaced
  • Attach temporary fuel container to allow carb balancing with tank off. Pour fuel into container, remove container, tighten up hoses with much tape, wait for leaked petrol now covering bike to evaporate, then refill with fuel.

I finally got to start her up after 9 months lay-up and this she did without much fuss would you believe?! 🙂 So all that’s left is to balance the carbs, refit the bodywork and get her MOT’d. Then she’s up for sale. 😦

Right, now to the carb balancing process. Has ayone else done this on a Fireblade without,

  1. skinning their knuckles trying to access the vacuum plug under the manifolds?
  2. been able to attach the vacuum rods into said plug holes?
  3. knocking the temporary fuel container and spilling petrol over themselves?
  4. giving up and phoning their garage to ask ‘a favour’?

Honestly I’m not totally inept, (although I’ve  done a good impression here) but this work can only be done by people with action-man size hands! So it’s late in the evening now and I’ll be calling my mechanic friend in the morning, to see if they can help out. Once that’s out of the way I can refit the bodywork, before spending ten minutes trying to figure out what all the remaining bolts on the worktop are for.


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