I’m keen on my MTB’s and enjoy a bit of single track action now and then, or even the Trailquest events in the Midlands every couple of weeks when they don’t clash with the Enduro racing with the CEC.

Currently riding a Trek 6500 ’09 hardtail model after my previous Trek 6500 was also stolen in the great April robbery this year. Although this particular theft had a silver lining, as the stolen bike was bought several months previous from ebay as a wreck. I spent the best part of £200 on getting it up and running effectively, bringing the costs to over £400 for what was essentially still a wreck…but a working one. So, when this was stolen I was reimbursed for the cost of a new one minus depreciation allowing me to go buy a brand new model.

While I’ve tried out Giant and Specialized full suspension bikes at their demo days in Cannock Chase and Forest of Dean, there’s no way I could justify spending over a grand on a bicycle. In the end familiarity won the day and I bought old faithful.

The 2009 model is a lovely bike with Rock Shox forks, with Shimano Deore/XT running gear and brakes and i’m enjoying it out on the trails. Mostly going to Cannock Chase and running the brilliant Follow the Dog and excellent new Monkey Trail.


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