Day 14 Oyambre

15/08/10 (no miles & last full day)

How else does the day start on the northern coast of Spain? Guess! The rain in Spain, does NOT always fall on the bloody plain! Hasn’t stopped all morning, and it’s getting boring now.

Mid-morning the rain has finally cleared up and we head down to the campsite reception area, where we find a busy enough bar watching the MotoGP from Brno…my heart leaps! 🙂 So that’s you for the day is it? says Helen. Being such a caring considerate partner I turn away and insist on continuing with our walk…besides, it was the end of the 125 race and quite some time before the GP race. I might conveniently catch it later this afternoon! So we continue our stroll along the length of the beach, making it back to the beach bar oasis as the rains returned. Helen wasn’t looking to cheery, so I recommended a glass of wine, which was accompanied by the favoured chips and garlic mayo! This went down well, so another glass of wine was ordered. We then caught a wiff of the food being served to the table next to us, which was a beautiful looking dish of shrimps. It all got a bit too much, so we ordered a plate and another wine/beer and devoured the plateful of grilled shrimp in minutes.

Beach bums…

We need money, so I leave Helen to her book and wine in the bar and ride back to Comillas. By the time I return, the skies are blue and the sun is burning down, to find H on the beach with a grin as big as the cat that got the cream…or someone who’s enjoyed several glasses of midday wine! The rest of the day is spent finally soaking up the sunrays, swimming and body surfing with H determined to stay on the beach until it’s dark…and makes a sterling effort lasting until it was gone 8pm. Dinner was a rather unsatisfying vegetable pasta concoction, so it was back down to the beachbar to fill the void with wine and beer. The sight of the BBQ in full swing with the aroma’s of HUGE steaks, racks of ribs, shrimps etc being cooked to perfection was not helping matters. We end up ordering a pile of fried squid to experiment (as we’d both had previous negatives encounters with the slippery molluscs), but for once we weren’t impressed, even after drowning the plate in lemon juice and left without polishing off the plate. Back home for a night cap, to finish the journal and my book. Ironically Ernesto and Alberto have finished their epic journey across the America’s too, with Che returning westward home without his friend. Their journey puts our little jaunt into perspective…

It’s gone very cold, but with it comes the clear starry sky to gaze at. No photos today either, as it seems we’ve been too busy indulging ourselves. Heading home tomorrow. 😦

Day 15 Oyambre – Santander


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