Day 16 The Final Leg

17/08/10 (986 miles)

Shortly after disembarking at Portsmouth in our wet weather riding gear, jacket liners in and fleece’s on underneath, we pulled over to remove all the extra liners as it was bloody hot still and we were dripping in no time (nice). I pointed to the roundabout ahead and told Helen which exit we would be taking and direction of travel, before spotting a lorry going round in the opposite direction I was about to take us on! Surprising, how quickly you get accustomed to riding on theย  other side of the road. The journey back to Warnborough was relaxed and without incident, cruising along the back roads avoiding any unnecessary busy ones.

Pulling up at my brother’s house, I could clearly see how upset Helen was at having to end her journey…

We stopped off briefly to see Clare and our neices and nephew, before loading up the car and trailer and heading home. We finally got home by 10.30pm, chucked the bags in the hall, left the bikes on the trailer and finished the day off with… a glass of wine. ๐Ÿ˜‰


During our stay along the coast we heard a lot about the nearby Picos mountain range and the wealth of trails available apparently. This could be a potential alternative for anyone considering a similar trek, as it’s within an hour or two of Santander. If the trails get too much, then spend the rest of the trip relaxing by the sea and stuffing yourself with fresh seafood. It’s certainly something we haven’t ruled out for the future. Well, I think the trail riding possibilities are unlikely but maybe family camping, touring, surfing holiday’s would be considered.


Helen doesn’t want to rush into selling the bike now. (There goes my new enduro bike!) Following on from the last few days of carefree riding, the anguish and stress are certainly less than they were halfway up a Pyrenean mountainside, or halfway through the Navarra flatlands. I’ll just have to sort out a replacement kick-start, new rectifier (possibly) and the oil leak from the rocker cover which cost her nearly 75oml of oil in two weeks. (the engine doesn’t even hold a full litre of oil!) Maybe she might get the urge to come on a gentle trail ride around Warwickshire one day. As someone told me at the Horizons Unlimited meeting in June, ‘you’re a very lucky man to have a wife who wants to go riding with you’. That I am.


I surprisingly enjoyed the slow cruising along the roads taking in the sights and smells of our surroundings. My fear of heights is still as bad as ever, although I haven’t ‘freaked out’ too much when finding myself near the edge of an abyss. I will wonder what the miles of trails we never found were like, as I watch Youtube video’s of this years’ Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness and Austin & Lois’ PyrekneesUp. I’ll happily settle for a few enduro races and maybe some trail riding in the Shropshire and Welsh hills though to make up for it, so unfortunately, as much as I have loved every minute of owning the DRZ400S…it has to go up for sale. I’ve never experienced a trail/enduro bike that can cover as many different activities as this one has in the last 5 months of ownership, without a single electrical or mechanical problem. But as I can only afford one bike it’s got to make way for a lighter enduro bike I can race on and go trail riding with, so fingers crossed I’ll get my money’s worth for it.

Thanks for reading my meanderings and hope it’s inspired or given thought at least to giving something you’ve wanted to do, a go.

Adios. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  1. An entertaining epic story ,when does it go to make full cinema screen.only just round to look up blog

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