DRZ…to race or not to race?!

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Well it appears the market for good quality 2nd hand bikes has dried up these days, as I couldn’t secure more than £1000 for my DRZ! The reason I was selling it was to enter the remaining H&H races with the Cotswolds Enduro Club.

So I’m going to do something which may be quite unwise, and enter it into the Trail Bike Class as it is. 🙂

Some changes I need to make are…

  • Remove indicators and mirror
  • Fit a set of enduro tyres (Trelleborg’s do the job)
  • Larger rear sprocket 44t up to 46t (I’ll leave the front as is for now)
  • Stiffen up suspension settings

It’s a heavy bike to take racing, so I’m not expecting any miracles. Just so long as I finish in one piece, though if I can take a scalp or two off my mates on their enduro bikes I’d be quite happy! Details to follow.

Pyrenees or bust…

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Finally the trip happens. Read about our exploits on the way to the Pyrenees for some trail riding action and back again during the summer of 2010 here. I was riding a 2003 DRZ400, while my wife was riding her Yamaha XT225 Serow. Both little bikes for such an epic journey!


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It’s time I gave this blogging lark a go despite being rubbish at writing. I’ll put in here items of interest to me, which I hope may be of use to others with similar interests…or not.

I’ll waffle a bit about my various motorbikes I’ve got, what goes wrong with them and how I’ve fixed them…or got other people to fix them due to my ineptitude.

Some other bragging about artwork done in a previous life when my creative juices were flowing, and hadn’t yet been sapped from me by the digital age. That’s real live pen and paper, airbrush and ink illustrations I mean! They kind of went out of fashion with the TDK C90 and the Walkman.